Frequently Ask Questions

Ready4Set is an innovative online application designed for the complete management of the COSTUME DESIGN department. It facilitates the workflow and asset management  for all costume designers and their collaborators. 

You can easily upload .fdx or .pdf scripts to Ready4Set, allowing for efficient script breakdowns and organization of shooting days and times.

Absolutely! Ready4Set enables you to input casting information, providing detailed sizes and measurements for all actors involved in the production.

Yes, Ready4Set allows you to generate and download various types of reports in different formats, providing flexibility in managing and presenting information.

Ready4Set is an online application, and you can access it through a web browser, making it convenient for users to manage their costume design department from anywhere. We are planning to extend in the future the potential of our application on a standalone app to use in situation where internet connection is not available.

Yes, Ready4Set includes an internal messaging system to facilitate communication within the costume design department and with other collaborators.

For details on the prices and the various packages made available depending on the type of project you need to carry out please visit the PRICING page - please note that each package has its own specific duration and that - in the need to keep the package longer - you can choose various options ( 3, 6 up to 12 months) to further extend their duration at really affordable costs.

Ready4Set offers a range of features including:

  • Script breakdown, allowing users to upload .fdx or .pdf scripts.
  • Organization of shooting days, times, script days, and project continuity.
  • Detailed inventory management of costumes, including budgets, suppliers, specials, featured, stuntmen, and background costumes.
  • Casting information, providing detailed sizes and measurements of all actors.
  • Photo storage, annotations, and a calendar with events and filming days.
  • Creation and download of various types of reports in different formats.
  • Internal messaging system for seamless communication with department collaborators.

Ready4Set assists in managing a detailed inventory of costumes, including budgets, suppliers, and categorization for specials, featured, stuntmen, and background costumes.

Yes. At the moment Ready4Set is in italian, english and french. We are working to extend Ready4Set to more languages as well.

We advise you to register to our application going to REGISTRATION page and get confident with the software using our DEMO title. In the DEMO version you can load any script and the system will list up to 15 scenes for you to work freely using the full potential and all functionalities of the software: for example setting all the changes, dates of the shoot, cast details and measurements, reports etc etc. Once you are familiar with the mechanism of the system then you can purchase your first title - short, film or TV series - depending on your project and use Ready4Set to its full potential.

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